CV. Sumber Makmur

Expanded Metal

Selling Cheap Expanded Metal in Jakarta. Expanded metal is one of the materials and forms of metal that are made by cutting metal plates and then press. The metal produces a diamond shape surrounded by metal rods, which are interrelated or connected to each other. The raw materials used to make this material are black, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel plates.

SWD = Short Way Of Diamond
LWD = Long Way Of Diamond
Strand Thickness = Strand Thickness
Strand Width = String Width
Approx Weight = Estimated Weight

We, CV. Sumber Makmur is the most complete, cheapest expanded metal distributor with the best quality. In addition we also provide various sizes of the best expanded metal that has become the choice of consumers for all needs. The price of expanded metal that we offer is relatively cheap from prices on the market.

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